Sunday, July 26, 2009

Sunday Best--July 26th, 2009

The best players at each position in both leagues in 2009:
DH: Lind (o7 fleer)
P: Greinke (08 topps gold)
C: Mauer (09 Topps Turkey Red)
1B: Morneau (09 topps gold)
2B: Zobrist (09 Upper Deck)
3B: Longoria (09 Topps Retro)
SS: Bartlett (08 Upper Deck)
LF: Crawford (09 Spectrum)
CF: Hunter (09 goudey)
RF: Ichiro (09 heritage)

P: Haren (09 topps finest)
C: McCann (09 goudey)
1B: Pujols (09 topps)
2B: Utley (09 goudey)
3B: Pablo Sandoval (seriously) (09 Upper Deck)
SS: Hanley (07 topps gold)
LF: Ibanez (09 OPC)
CF: Kemp (09 Topps Blackout)
RF: Hawpe (09 topps retro)

I couldn't find cards of Kemp, Sandoval, or Zobrist, so I ordered some from Sportlots. I will update the pics when they arrive.
EDIT: They have arrived. I updated the pictures, and replaced the Crawford with a newer card.

Is Zobrist really a 2B? Well, he's played more games there than any other position, and no other 2B in the AL is having a better season, so I give him the props.

I wonder what kind of odds you could have received at the beginning of the year that the best 3B in the NL would be Sandoval. 50-1? 100-1? He's having a slightly better year than David Wright and Mark Reynolds, and as a bonus he's also appeared at catcher three times, catching an entire game each time.

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